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Author page: Vicky Cooper

The 2023 Retreat

The 2023 Retreat Last October, at the stunning Fair Oaks Farm in Sussex, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth on our second Glow Up retreat. It was a space for individuals seeking personal transformation to explore their inner selves, switch off from day-to-day life, and foster connections…

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We’ve been conditioned to see vulnerability as weakness. But vulnerability is the biggest strength of all. Vulnerability is the only way to get to know our authentic selves. It opens up our paths to growth and gives us the courage to fight the need to please others. Vulnerability is having…

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For years I micro managed my body to feel more confident in myself, but I know now that the real glow up is an inside job.⁣ Confidence is worrying less about how the world wants you to be and choosing to honour who you want to be.⁣ It’s owning yourself,…

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Weight Gain

The level of praise you receive when you lose weight will be the level of shame you feel when you gain weight again in the future, and that's a fact. How many of you have revelled in compliments and praise about your body when you lost weight? And how many…

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Have you ever wanted to create a significant shift in your life by engaging in positive habits, and regardless of how good you know these habits are, you still manage to resort back to your old ways in less than three working days? I do this with working out more…

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Meet Nat

We are so excited to introduce our resident yoga instructor, Natalie! She will be guiding you through a 1 hour movement, meditation and breath work session every first Monday of the month. Is there any better way to finish your Monday than with a dreamy yoga session that aligns with our theme of the month!? A little…

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the Perfect Life

Somebody dm’d me the other day saying, ‘I want your life’ my immediate reaction was, ‘shit, am I making my life look too perfect? I need to tell her about all of the reasons my life isn’t perfect right now so that I can be more relatable’… But then I…

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I wish I could love myself

Have you ever said or thought the above statement? I hear it so much much in my direct messages, the comments section of my posts, and from the women who I work with. The truth is, wishing you could love yourself isn’t like wishing you could win the euro millions, or wishing…

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