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the Perfect Life

Somebody dm’d me the other day saying, ‘I want your life’ my immediate reaction was, ‘shit, am I making my life look too perfect? I need to tell her about all of the reasons my life isn’t perfect right now so that I can be more relatable’…

But then I took a breath and remembered what I preach from the high heavens to all of my clients and ladies in The Glow Up Gang: We do not shrink ourselves to be more palatable for other people!

So the response I wanted to give was, ‘I want my life too tbh, but I don’t want you to want my life. I want you to create something pure and special and messy and scary and abundant and challenging and wild and meaningful and calm and unapologetic and sometimes questionable but most of all lovely for yourself.’

See, we have access to so many peoples lives through social media, and we might look at things that people do and have and think, ‘I want that’ but If you truly walked a day in their shoes, took on their responsibilities, their jobs and their stresses, you might actually fucking hate it. 

There might be elements of peoples lives that you’d love to have in yours, but the only way to create a deeply fulfilling and dreamy life is if you tap into your hearts highest desires and live every day (or almost every day) by the things that you value most. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect life’, but there is such thing as creating something for yourself that makes all of the shit that gets thrown your way feel… less shit, and almost worth it?

The holidays, the boujee buys, the fun days out might be desirable, but they make up 1/8 of somebodies life. A good life is when you’re happy in the mundane bits in-between.

Victoria Niamh happy at home

So what do you value the most? And how can you incorporate more of that into your life so that you want your life, not the strangers on social media?

If you have no idea, journal around these prompts:

The words that keep showing up for you to answer the above questions will highlight your biggest values. I invite you to do a life audit and check in with where you are currently living by them and where you’re ignoring them. 

Love, Vic x

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