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For years I micro managed my body to feel more confident in myself, but I know now that the real glow up is an inside job.⁣ Confidence is worrying less about how the world wants you to be and choosing to honour who you want to be.⁣ It’s owning yourself, the good and the baggage, and knowing your always a worthy & loveable human.⁣ Confidence is asking for help, saying you don’t know, and being vulnerable enough to take off your mask of perfection.

I’ve made myself keep up my appearance to gain compliments from strangers, and I’ve been scared of using my voice to avoid being criticised for my accent and lack of intelligence. I even blocked every person I knew in real life when starting this account because I couldn’t deal with people talking about me or finding me cringe. I tried my best to do everything I could to be palatable to everyone, even strangers.

But when you crave to be liked by everyone, you change and shrink yourself so much that you end up not even liking yourself. You end up minimising parts of yourself, your joy and your life as a whole to the point where you no longer live a life that pleases you but instead avoids judgment from everyone else.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing or the work I’ve done to validate & accept myself, but I can gladly say that I now live a life of very few f**ks, and it’s liberating. 

How to be confident - The Glow Up Project
5 Tips to Build Confidence
Validate Yourself

Write three things you're proud of yourself for every night.

Date Yourself

Learn what you like, what you believe and what you want..

Stop using Filters

...On your face, your body and
your personality!

Act from your most
Confident Self

Think 'what would I do if I felt confident?' and do that!

Don't shrink yourself to be more palatable

Your life's purpose isn't to be liked by everyone.

Love, Vic x

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