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Girls' Holiday Retreat 2024


Do you catch yourself thinking about who you would be if you could let go of negative self-talk and step into your highest self? Are you letting the way you think about your body hold you back from living a confident life?
Do you know, deep down, that there’s more to you, but your limiting beliefs are holding you back? Our retreat is for every woman who feels they’re being called to embody their worth and become the most powerful, unapologetic version of themselves.


The retreat is held in a luxurious villa in the beautiful traditional village of Gerani in Crete for 6 nights from Tuesday, 17th September, to Monday, 23rd September.

This 6-night transformative experience is where a boujee girl’s holiday meets deep inner healing. Dive deep into self-love, confidence, and sisterhood like never before as we guide you through releasing limiting beliefs and embracing your authentic self.

Imagine one day experiencing the magic of a fire ceremony, where you shed the weight of the past, and the next sailing across the Aegean Sea on a private catamaran with a group of women you feel you’ve known your whole life. Our retreat offers a perfect blend of inner work, relaxation, and unforgettable memories with the type of girlhood you’ve always craved.

If you’re a woman seeking the immaculate cocktail of deep inner work and light-hearted fun, a woman who takes their self-love and desires seriously but doesn’t take life too seriously, and a woman craving honest and meaningful connections with women in adulthood, then The Glow Up Girls Holiday is for you!

The retreat packages start at £1700, all-inclusive, with the exception of flights.

This is a very intimate retreat, so there are limited spaces available, and rooms are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

To receive the retreat information pack with all of the information and secure your space, email and our retreats manager, Charlie, will be in touch.

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Join Us for our 2024 Girls' Holiday

Workshops Ceremonies and Sessions

Heart Opening Sisterhood Session

This intimate session will help you to settle into the space and generate a safe environment to open your heart and connect with your retreat sisters.

'Diving Deeper' Self-Mapping Session

We are all multifaceted and contradictory beings, yet we spend our lives only embracing aspects of ourselves, Join us as we delve deep into our character to piece together our self puzzle. 

Letting Go Fire Ceremony

Face and release the fears, beliefs, and past traumas that are holding you back, and watch them go up into flames in this truly powerful workshop.

Transformational Breathwork Session

Allow your breath to take you in a journey to another dimension as you open up parts of your heart and mind you never knew existed. Breathwork changed my life, I can’t wait wait for it to change yours too! 

Main Character Manifestation Workshop

If you were to truly become the main character of your life, who would you be, how would you act, what would you do? This embodiment session will help you to step into your power and become the woman of your dreams. 

Cacao Ceremony Under The Stars

Leave your ego behind and connect with the Mother Earth as we guide you through a beautiful, heart opening cacao ceremony. 

What Our Guests Say...

“I just cannot thank you both enough for all of the effort poured into this event. It was just like being in a warm hug for the whole weekend and was so well planned and everything thought of. Genuinely feel like I could’ve stayed forever. Thank you so much, I will be forever changed and forever grateful for this experience.”

“It’s been an incredible experience and I don’t feel like the same person as when I arrived! I have a new perspective on life. Also so lovely to meet like minded women!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Vic and Charlie you were a delight to be around and made everyone feel so comfortable. I appreciate the hard work you put in to the weekend and it is something I will never ever forget. It’s hard to believe I went into this experience with a group of strangers. After the first workshop I felt a connection to the other women deeper than I’ve ever had with any of my closest friends. I’ve never been apart of such a safe space, a place where you can say exactly what’s going on in your mind. Speaking it out loud in a room full of others is magical. You helped me create a mountain of hope and I now have no fear for the next stage of my life. I am enough and I am incredible. With my mind and breath I can achieve anything. I’ve left this retreat feeling grateful for who I am and I am ready for this rollercoaster of life knowing that these safe places exist for whenever I may need to attend one next.”

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“You’re not only investing in a luxury retreat; you’re investing in tools, transformation and a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. “

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