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The 2023 Retreat

The 2023 Retreat

Last October, at the stunning Fair Oaks Farm in Sussex, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth on our second Glow Up retreat. It was a space for individuals seeking personal transformation to explore their inner selves, switch off from day-to-day life, and foster connections with like-minded souls.

Fair Oaks Farm created the perfect sanctuary for introspection and renewal. Surrounded by towering trees and serene landscapes, our guests were greeted with an atmosphere that reflected the deep reflection and inner exploration that awaited them. Every corner exuded a sense of tranquillity, from cosy shepherd huts to the central communal Farmhouse, inviting our guests to let go of daily life’s burdens and fully immerse themselves in the present moment.

Guided by Self-Development Coach and Mentor Victoria Niamh, with a surprise guest appearance from the phenomenal Breathwork coach Suzie Perry, our retreat offered various workshops and activities to encourage personal growth and self-awareness.

Through mindset work, breathwork, a letting go fire ceremony, journaling exercises, and sharing circles, participants embarked on a journey of self-discovery, confronting self-limiting beliefs, uncovering their most powerful selves, and forging a deeper connection with their authenticity.

As always, our retreat was centred on a safe and supportive environment. Vulnerability was welcomed and celebrated. Our guests were encouraged to share their stories, fears, and aspirations openly, knowing they would be met with empathy, understanding and support. There is something so powerful about shared human experience and discovered strength in their collective struggles.

Beyond individual growth, our retreat was a celebration of community and connection. Our guests formed special friendships through shared meals, collaborative activities, and heartfelt conversations. Most reported feeling the most connected to other women since becoming adults. It’s so special to see their life updates and check-ins in our group WhatsApp even months post-retreat.

It is incredible to see the profound impact our retreats can have on people’s lives. In the space of community, vulnerability, and mindfulness, we never fail to discover the power of self-reflection, the beauty of human connection, and the infinite potential within each of us.

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