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I wish I could love myself

Have you ever said or thought the above statement? I hear it so much much in my direct messages, the comments section of my posts, and from the women who I work with. The truth is, wishing you could love yourself isn’t like wishing you could win the euro millions, or wishing you could bump into your dream lover in the street, or wishing somebody would turn up to your house offering to pick up the dog poo from your back garden (I wish this so hard) because all of those things involve external factors. 

Self-love, on the other hand, is completely internal. It’s a choice, and you have the power over your choices. Maybe “I am actively choosing to dislike myself” Isn’t a thought that runs through your mind every day, but when you’re talking shitty about yourself, calling yourself fat and not enough and whatever else, you are choosing to dislike yourself.

But why would one choose not to like themselves? 

All of our self-sabotaging thoughts serve us in some way. So, for example, we think, ‘if I dislike myself, then it won’t hurt so much if somebody else doesn’t like me’ or ‘If I hate my body, then I will always cover-up, so I never run the risk of feeling humiliated if somebody comments on my tummy or my cellulite’.  We dislike ourselves so that we can knock ourselves down before somebody else can. 


young girl with body confidence

But what if you made a radical decision right now to love yourself?

What if you decided that your thoughts about you were more important than anybody else’s thoughts about you?

What if you believed that you were worthy of manifesting peace, love and acceptance into your internal world? 

It can be scary as fuck at first because deeply insecure people feel intimidated by women who love themselves but remember: what somebody else thinks or says about you is a reflection on their internal world, not on you. Make that choice for yourself and all of the other women who need to be inspired by your self-love to feel that it’s ok to love themselves.

Get clear on what the version of you who chose to love herself would be like. How would she show up? How would she act? Who would she cut out of her life? Who could she call into her life?


Love, Vic x

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