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Welcome to The Glow Up Project, The home of all things Self love, self-help and fully owning yourself!

We know that finding confidence is less about how your life and body look and more about how you feel. It’s the energy that you create within and the vibes that you give off. If you’re ready to find your fire and find the confidence to show up as your whole self, exactly as you are, then, hey babe, you’re in the right place!

Through our membership, courses, events and retreats, we are on a mission to bring women together to work on their minds, expand their lives, and f**king own themselves!

You’re about to see that the REAL glow up is an inside job.

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I’m a woman who spent the best part of her late teens and early twenties placing so much worth on my physical appearance, mainly my body image. In my pursuit to achieve the biggest body ‘glow up’ to succeed as a professional dancer, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and depression.

In my recovery, I discovered the world of personal development. I started to listen to life coaches and psychologists, and I’d spend my time attending seminars and workshops, all of which were helping me figure out who on earth I was and what I was here to do. In turn, I let go of the eating disorder and found my inner fire.

My Self-esteem skyrocketed, and my confidence to show up and own my whole self, flaws and all, levelled up.

It clicked for me then that a glow up had nothing to do with shrinking my body, sporting six-pack abs, or putting ungodly amounts of effort into perfecting my hair and makeup. I realised that the *Real* glow up was an inside job. 
I witness women every day go through the same struggles that I once did. Hoping that If they could shrink this and lose that, they will find the unconditional amounts of self-love and confidence they want. 
My goal for The Glow Up Project is to help women see that much of our body image struggles are an external projection of what’s going on internally. We want to help women come back home to themselves to find their internal glow and then cultivate the courage to let it shine onto the world!
Through our membership, courses, events and retreats, we are on a mission to bring women together to work on their minds, expand their lives, and f**king own themselves!
Victoria at Glow Up Meet



Have you ever spent hours looking in the mirror thinking, ‘If I could change this and shrink that, then I will be happier'? Or, fallen into a social media vortex comparing yourself to other women’s ‘perfect’ bodies, just wishing that you could look less like you and more like them? Or, had your whole day ruined by one bad photo that somebody tagged you in from a night out?

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Glow Up Queens

“Joining the Glow Up Gang membership was such a good decision!! Not only does the membership cover all kinds of helpful topics as I navigate through life & puts me in touch with lots of like-minded ladies, it also ensures I make time for myself each month to focus on what’s good for me and how I can keep developing as a person. Thanks so much Vic – worth every penny!”

“Although scary at first, every session has been such an insight and I’ve felt myself grow in confidence and assurity every time we meet up and talk through workshops or sharing circles. Vic always make everyone feel at ease and welcome. I’ve been able to face things about my past and my inner self that I don’t think I would have been able to on my own. I’m loving every moment of it and have taken away so much already.”

For every woman who feels they’re being called to embody their worth and become the most powerful, unapologetic version of themselves…​


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