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The Glow Up Journal


Finding body confidence is less about trying to reshape your body and more about reshaping your mind. The real glow up is an inside job. Which, yes, might be more difficult and time-consuming than popping in to see your nearest surgeon, but once you’ve nailed it, the guarantee will last a lifetime, and you will finally feel free from those body image hang-ups. 

This journal is going to provide you with a toolbox of practical techniques that you can use over and over again to help you deal with anything that the body image demons want to throw your way.  It will help you view your body in a completely different light, learn to start ‘biggin’ yourself up’, and begin to own yourself in all of your glory. Most of all, it is going to teach you the power of daily gratitude- because while achieving the ‘perfect body’ might give you a short spike of happiness, a grateful heart provides you with happiness to last a lifetime.

This is not a quick fix, It’s going to require a daily commitment and an openness to change, but the glow up is worth it – are you ready?

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