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the Ego

I’ve been looking into the  ‘ego’ a lot recently and what I’m discovering is blowing my mind and it feels confronting AF.

In the past I would say somebody has a big ego, if they were super self assured and whom we might refer to as ‘big headed’, but what I’m learning now, is that the majority of humans spend at least 70% of their day acting and reacting from an ego state.

The ego state derives from the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is where a lot of our beliefs about ourself and the world our stored. It’s where much of our overthinking, fear and scarcity shows up from, often connecting deep engrained beliefs and  past experiences from our childhood and other traumas. 

When we are in our ego, we believe that there isn’t enough to go round. We believe that there is competition everywhere and only room for one person at the top. We believe that we have to prove ourselves to other people, no matter how for away that takes us from our true self. It makes us compare to everyone around us, and will more often than not leave us feeling unworthy and not good enough.


Victoria at Glow Up Meet
See how many of the below statements can you relate to taken from The Looman Coaching Blog

The goal with practising things like meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, gratitude and things like that, is to bring you back into your conscious mind. The part of your mind that is most you. 

Accessing this part of your mind allows you to think rationally. It knows that there really isn’t any competition in this world because we are all here to serve in our own unique way. The conscious mind is grateful for everything it has while knowing that there is an abundance of opportunity out there just waiting. The conscious mind allows you to do the things that you love, just because, without needing praise or feedback from other people. The conscious mind acts from a place of peace and love. 

Catch yourself over the following days before you act or react to anything, and ask yourself ‘Is this coming from the ego or is this coming from me?’ The more that you can stop yourself from acting from the ego state, the happier and more at home in yourself, your life and your thoughts you will become.


Love, Vic x

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