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Are you experiencing an energy shift?

I’m going through a huge energy shift at the moment. I am feeling called to release and step away from some parts of myself and my life that I’ve outgrown and to find an enormous amount of courage to up level into a new version of myself. Do you ever get that feeling? Like the place you’re at just doesn’t feel as bright and sparkly as it once did, and while you’re grateful for everything around you, you just know that there is another part of yourself and your life out there to discover?

When I’ve hit these places before, I have had the tendency to sit in it for so long, almost trying to deny the calling because it felt scary and like an unknown place. With every day that I ignored it, my levels of anxiety would increase. Sometimes it would take me about 3 months to actually answer the calling, so you can only image the amount of anxiety that would be brewing by that point.  

I was thinking about why we get so scared to up-level and recreate ourselves, and I came to the conclusion that it’s all down to fear.

Not only the fear of the unknown, but the fear of not being accepted as the next version of yourself. The fear of losing people who either can’t support you with higher confidence and self-worth (usually because of their own insecurities), or out growing some people who you no longer align with. The fear of success and how that may intimidate others or even yourself. The fear of leaving parts of yourself behind. I think that when we’re sat in a sea of all of those fears, we forget about one of the biggest regrets that a lot of people have when they’re nearing the end of their lives: The regret of giving too many fucks about what other people thought and as a result not going after what they really wanted to.

The glow Up mindset energy shift

I don’t know about you, but one of my greatest fears in life is getting to the end of my life feeling regretful. And the only time you can prevent your future self from looking back with regret is right now! So, If you’re feeling that deep innate feeling to go after something that you’ve been dreaming about for ages, or to completely recreate yourself and find the confidence to step into version 2.0 of you, then take this as your sign to fucking go for it!


Love, Vic x

the Real Glow Up is an inside job!


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